Lantern History - From Candle Lanterns to Modern Lanterns

Not all needs for light are the same. Lanterns were answers to some specific needs that artificial light sources needed to fulfill. And they did it pretty well if we can judge by how long they are in use. Read all about lanterns.

Early Lanterns

History of Lantern

Lantern had use in human life for a very long time. It was designed, before everything, in a practical way - to shield the flame that was burning in it and, in some versions, to enable portability of light. Today there are many types of lanterns.

Japanese Lanterns

History of Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are, at the first glance, simple objects. But they carry a story of a thousand years and a meaning in their light. Find out more about history of paper lanterns.

Sky Lanterns

History of Sky Lanterns

There is a special kind of lantern - a sky lantern. It is a cross between a candle and a hot air balloon. It looks pretty when used but it can be pretty dangerous. Read here about sky lantern history.

Old Lantern